Center of Politics and Economics of the Public Sector

The Center of Politics and Economics of the Public Sector, CEPESP, was created in 2006. As an interdisciplinary center, CEPESP is the first center to gather professors, students, and researchers from both the Business and the Economics Schools at FGV. The main objective of CEPESP, as well as of FGV as a whole, is to contribute the development of Brazil by the knowledge generated by its researches.

This experience of discovering its own country starts being unfolded in the very presentation of this site - the wallpaper of which always depicts Brazilian motifs - and advances in the researches of the Center. Despite the permanent research focus on Brazil, CEPESP members hold an productive dialogue with the knowledge created abroad, as they consider comparisons with other countries’ experiences a useful way to understand domestic problems.

The main research question is the role performed by politics and economics on public policies. In other words, the researches aim at appraising the influence exerted by institutions (in an wide sense) on public policies’ decision-making. More specifically, the work carried out by CEPESP is structured along three main research lines: Political Institutions, Public Finance and Regional and Urban Economics.


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