Oligarchy: A Conceptual and Empirical Study

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GVPesquisa e CNPQ .


The objective of this research is two-fold: one, theoretical-conceptual and the other, empirical. The theoretical-conceptual goal is to establish a concept of oligarchy endowed not only with terminological clearness but also, and precisely on the grounds of that distinctness, of service to the empirical research. The term oligarchy is regarded as having lost much of its analytical serviceability in view of its rather imprecise use in political science literature, having become an adjective of subjective and normatively oriented application rather than an instrumental concept for the empirical research and theoretical reflection. The empirical objective of this investigation is to build a model of analysis which enables one to identify and explain how the process of oligarchyzation is reared in specific organizations of the social and political life, aiming at understanding its effective operation. This way, one shall be able to concretely understand how organized collective life can, in different situations, operate in a way which is incongruous with the principles of legitimation valid for certain collectivities, by virtue of their being captured by oligarchies.

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