Brazilian Decentralization in a Comparative Perspective: the Management of Federal Resources Transferred to Municipalities

Coordenadores/Principal Investigator: 

CGU (General Comptroller Office)/ UNODC / GVPesquisa


Since the 1988 Constitution, Brazilian government has decentralized the supply of most public services. In this process, municipalities have gathered a fundamental role inasmuch as they became responsible for the management of resources and for the local implementation of federal public policies. The aim of this research is to make use of the auditing reports produced by the National Municipal Fiscalization Program carried out by the Brazilian General Comptroller Office (CGU). The data of the reports will be codified in a consistent manner to generate a databank which summarizes the information so as to make it comparable not only between areas (for instance, health and education) but also between programs within the same area (for instance, the “Family Health Program” and “Community Health Agent Program”).

Ano de Conclusão/Year of Conclusion: 
Co-assistentes de pesquisa: 

 André Assumpção


Mariana Suplicy; Pedro Mortara, Marina Cançado; Erwin Seignmartin; Dany M. Simon; Juliano Fatio; Nathalia Ferreira; Layana Yamakawa; Fernando Massuyama; Rafael Knirsch; Rodrigo Vieira

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