Pax Monopolista and Crime: the Case of the Emergence of the Primeiro Comando da Capital in São Paulo

Coordenadores/Principal Investigator: 

This research documents a rare phenomenon: the consequence of the dominance of a single criminal gang in the city of São Paulo, the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC). Using unique data to identify entry in geographically well-delimited areas – the Favelas - we explore the timing of the expansion of geographical dominance to estimate the causal impact of its dominance on property and violent crime. Our initial analysis suggests that “Pax Monopolista” caused a reduction in violent crime but had no impact on property crime.

Ano de Conclusão/Year of Conclusion: 
Em andamento/In Progress
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<p><span>Claudia Cerqueira; Alexandre Schneider; Leonardo Bueno; Miguel Jacob; Larissa Bueno</span></p>
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