Mobility, Integration and Accessibility in SPMA: Public Policies and Strategies

Coordenadores/Principal Investigator: 

London School of Economics


Traffic congestion in the SPMA is in part a consequence of the option taken in the past towards private transportation modes. This working group will discuss the feasibility of moving from the “American Transportation Paradigm” that includes low gasoline taxes and low subsidies to transit to a “European Transportation Paradigm” that is the opposite. Although you can find different models inside each country (notably New York in the US that is very close to the “European Paradigm”) this is the usual system in each continent. Of course changing such structural systems is not an easy task and it requires a long term to be implemented. Our argument is that if the trend is not changed right now it would be too late to change it later.

Ano de Conclusão/Year of Conclusion: 
Em andamento/In Progress
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